4d Furnishers introduce a range of tactile furniture that allow you to feel every thump, thrust and shake of low frequency sound (Bass). Our patent-pending technology makes it sure that there is no distortion while transforming the sound energy into vibrations. It takes home entertainment to the next dimension.

Such effects can only be felt at movie theaters, simulation rides, dance floors, 4D theaters, planetariums, science centers, amusement parks, etc and one has to shell out a lot of money just for a one time experience. But now you can get the same enjoyment right at the comfort of your home.

Our new innovative technology adds exciting new realism to the home theater experience that manufacturers have previously attempted but failed to achieve

These are first tactile product to use this method for transforming sound energy to vibrations. It efficiently delivers the most realistic and accurate tactile effects available for home theater/audio today. Sound energy is transformed into vibrations efficiently and evenly. This approach increases efficiency and reduces power requirements.

These are active home theatre components. No need to buy expensive audio systems. Just connect them with your Television and that’s it. Enjoy movies, music and games like never before. Today’s audio systems are simply designed to deliver audible sound, while our products are designed specifically to deliver Tactile Motion. They save valuable space and fit into the desired aesthetic design of the rooms.

Now your movie sound and music will become filled, big and complete covering a wide spectrum of frequencies. Get an experience better than of a movie theater.

With our products you can safely experience the powerful “High Definition Bass”, without excessive loudness and dangerous sound levels.

These can be attached with the following through an external amplifier:

• Bluray/DVD players
• Gaming consoles (Xbox 360/ Playstation 3/ Playstation2)
• Televisions (LCD/LED/CRT)
• Projectors
• Laptop/Computers
• Mobile Phones/Tablets/MP3 players